Rave of the 7 Veils

Featuring original sets and DJ sets from Electronic & Produced Music students. This rave is a second part of an installation by Oliwia Radomska

Trigger warnings: haze, flashing lights, dark and loud music, dark atmosphere, potentially projection. You can leave the venue anytime, it’s a safe space.

Free entry for Guildhall Students.

“A rave is an installation too. It’s a glimpse of infinity. Everyone in there shares something in common – the need for underground, underworld. Need for solitude and independence in a crowd of people with a similar journey. To anonymously unite in the raw, immersive rhythm (stripped of harmony and words). The rhythm that never stops – their reflection is almost never interrupted by silence or light. No need for interaction – just wordless company in veils of mist and darkness. Everyone exists in their own cell of expression. They choose if the music will make them think or kill their thoughts – and lose themselves in it without feeling watched for as long as they want – and return to Earth when they’re ready.”

Location: The Basement

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