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The SU Executive Committee plays a vital role in the student experience – promoting student welfare, providing quality affordable events, supporting clubs and societies, and ensuring that students have input into every decision that is made by the school.

Elections are held annually for the six paid Executive Committee positions – the President, and the five Vice Presidents: Academic Affairs, Diversity, Events, Welfare and Finance.

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The President is the only full-time sabbatical officer. The President is paid a bursary which is currently £21'640.00 per annum. Bursaries will be reviewed and approved by the Student Parliament and agreed with the School at the start of each academic year.

The Presidential term of office is from the 1st August to the following 31st July.

The Presidents role is an extremely varied and busy job. Find the full role description in our constitution. but here are the President’s main role responsibilities:

  • one-on-one meetings with staff and students
  • attending board meetings, working groups and disciplinary meetings, as well as national and regional NUS + CUKSN conferences
  • supporting student representatives
  • overseeing the Union budget and bank account
  • supervising the organisation and publicity of a variety of entertainment and other social events
  • supervising all Vice Presidents in their work
  • promoting clubs and societies
  • raising awareness of student welfare issues
  • supporting the work of other Executive Officers.


The Vice President roles are part-time roles for current students. These Executives Officers also receive a discretionary grant, which is currently £1560 per annum.

The five VPs share responsibility for the smooth running of the Union and supporting the work of the President, and each has particular responsibility for a specific aspect of Union activity, as follows:


Academic Affairs

Supporting student reps and ensuring there is student input into academic decisions, liaising with the President to bring any course-related issues to the attention of Senior Management Team. The main responsibilities of the VP for Academic Affairs is to:

  • Attend Academic Board, Music/ Drama/ PA Programme Boards alongside or instead of the President.
  • Liaise with Student Representatives to ensure that the student voice is heard and encouraging good attendance at relevant meetings.
  • Assist the President in bringing any course-related issues to the attention of Heads of Department or the Senior Management Team.
  • Keep abreast of Student opinion and advise the School where appropriate.
  • At the discretion of the President, act as the Student Union representative at disciplinary hearings of appeal processes.



The VP for Diversity has a key role in supporting under-represented groups and celebrating diversity throughout the student community, through events and awareness raising sessions. Other responsibilities include:

  • Challenging and working alongside the Schools Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee to address all forms of marginalisation and discrimination, and ensure all students are represented in all aspects of school life.
  • Communicate actions and recommendations of the above working groups and committees to students.
  • Work with the SU Executive and Extended team throughout the year helping with events, team meetings and other union related activities.



The role of the Finance VP is to manage the Union budget and monitor the Student Union expenditure. Other role responsibilities include:

  • To work closely with the president to agree an annual budget with the School and provide closing accounts to the School.
  • Ensure the budget is clearly explained to and approve by Student Parliament.
  • Work with the other Vice-Presidents on their budgeting throughout the year.
  • Ensure the timely payment of any moneys owed, and to bank any cash received in a timely manner.



The VP for Welfare works very closely with the President and Student Affairs to raise awareness of student welfare within the school community. Other role responsibilities include:

  • To raise awareness of global to regional campaigns that relate to any aspect of student life and keep student informed and involved.
  • Garner student priorities in terms of fundraising and charitable giving, and liaise with the President and Events VP to facilitate such fundraising.
  • Oversee the Union’s environmental campaigns and initiatives, working with the Student Life Officer and the President.
  • Ensure that students are aware of a platform for expressing pastoral issues, and that any pastoral issues that arise are dealt with or passed on accordingly and confidentially.



The VP for Events is responsible for the organisation and smooth running of all events hosted by the Union. Other responsibilities include:

  • Organising rotas, equipment and the staff rotas for the Basement Technical Team.
  • Be responsible for poster distribution, flyer distribution and any digital advertising and ensure that the job is adequately undertaken in good time.
  • Work with the VP Finance to draw up and an appropriate Events Budget.
  • Liaise with the Bar manager and Sundial Residential Assistants on any relevant events, related matter pertaining to the Union.

Full role descriptions for each position can be found in the Constitution.