Introduction to Student Wellbeing Services (PG Music, Research, Music Therapy, Acting Studies)

Find out about the services and activities offered by Student Affairs and the Students’ Union to boost your well-being and enhance your student experience. This session will provide information on: 

  • how to get involved, including student societies and course reps
  • how to look after your well-being – find out about workshops and other activities coming up this term
  • how to access support (including counselling, physiotherapy, health, disability, learning support, accommodation and financial hardship

Session overview: 

  • Student Affairs – who we are, where to find us, how to get in touch
  • Counselling service
  • How we can advise and support
  • Confidentiality – including how to report issues to School or externally
  • Accessibility and EDI
  • Student groups, well-being initiatives and upcoming events
  • how to keep informed (Student News email, MyGuildhall, Facebook)
  • Introduction to the Students Union
  • Meet the Team
  • Freshers Week
  • Freshers Fair
  • Student Reps

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