The SU are delighted to continue the free emergency sanitary product scheme across the school for the 21/22 academic year. If the toilet is out of stock, please do let us know by emailing or pop into the SU Office. Please do take as you need, we set up this scheme for students to use in emergencies only, so please be considerate.

Where can I find them?

Silk Street

  • Cafe Communal Female & Male Toilets
  • Level 1 Communal Female & Male Toilets
  • 137/138 Gender Neutral Toilet
  • 247 Gender Neutral Toilet
  • SU Office

Milton Court

  • Level -2 Communal Female & Male Toilets
  • Level -2 Disabled Gender Neutral Toilets
  • Level 2 Communal Female & Male Toilets
  • Level 2 Disabled Gender Neutral Toilets


  • Female Communal Toilet
  • Gender Neutral Toilet


  • Female & Male Communal Toilet
  • Disabled Toilet


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