The SU are delighted to continue the free emergency sanitary product scheme across the school for the 21/22 academic year. If the toilet is out of stock, please do let us know by emailing unionwelfare@stu.gsmd.ac.uk or pop into the SU Office. Please do take as you need, we set up this scheme for students to use in emergencies only, so please be considerate.

Where can I find them?

Silk Street

  • Cafe Communal Female & Male Toilets
  • Level 1 Communal Female & Male Toilets
  • 137/138 Gender Neutral Toilet
  • 247 Gender Neutral Toilet
  • SU Office

Milton Court

  • Level -2 Communal Female & Male Toilets
  • Level -2 Disabled Gender Neutral Toilets
  • Level 2 Communal Female & Male Toilets
  • Level 2 Disabled Gender Neutral Toilets


  • Female Communal Toilet
  • Gender Neutral Toilet


  • Female & Male Communal Toilet
  • Disabled Toilet


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