The African-Caribbean Society at Guildhall School on their commemoration film:

“The African-Caribbean Society has curated a 9:29 minute video in commemoration of George Floyd, Joy Gardner and UK victims of systemic racism and published on the 28 July 2021, marking 28 years since Joy Gardner was unjustly detained and met her untimely death by immigration police.

The video commemorates 20 UK victims of systemic racism. It is our hope that this video will serve to continue the dialogue and contribute to the ongoing progress of anti-racism legislation across the UK.

This video also acts to uphold and recognise the society’s presence here at Guildhall School – thus calling everyone to be sure to engage with the ACS for more events, love, and power in the next terms too!

Curated by Sesley Hope, Tyreke Leslie, Daria Phillips, and Nikisha Reyes.

George Floyd Photo by: Joe Cummings.

Video Credits:
Poetry by Tyreke Lesley Music by Nikisha Reyes Research by Sesley Hope, Tyreke Leslie, Daria Phillips, and Nikisha Reyes
Co-Directed by Sesley Hope, and Nikisha Reyes

Instagram & Twitter @Guildhallacs

Black Lives Matter Campaign Resources:

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21 Victims of Systemic Racism.

George Floyd, 46
25-MAY-2020. Died during police arrest. Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Mohamud Mohammed Hassan, 24
09-JAN-2021. Died shortly after being released from police custody. Cardiff, Wales, UK

Kevin Clarke, 35
09-MAR-2018. Died in police custody. Catford, UK

Dalian Atkinson,46
15-AUG-2016. Died in police custody. Telford, UK

Sarah Reed, 32
11-JAN-2016 Died in police custody. Islington, UK

Sheku Bayo,31
03-MAY-2015. Died in police custody. Kirkcaldy, Scotland UK

Julian Cole, 19, at the time of the incident.
06-MAY-2013. Brain-damaged and paralysed after Police arrest. Bedford, UK

Kingsley Burrell, 29
31-MAR-2011. Died in psychiatric custody after police restraint. Birmingham, UK

Jimmy Mubenga, 46
12-OCT-2010. Died in the custody of G4S Security/UK Border Agency. Heathrow, London UK 

Olaseni Lewis, 23
03-SEP-2010. Died in psychiatric custody, after police restraint. Croydon, UK

Michael ‘Mikey’ Powell, 38
07-SEP-2003. Died in Police custody. Birmingham, UK

Sean Rigg, 40
21-AUG-2008. Died in police custody. Brixton, London, UK

Roger Sylvester,30
18-JAN-1999. Died in police custody. Islington, London, UK

David (Rocky) Bennett, 38
Died in psychiatric custody, Norwich, UK

Christopher Alder, 37
01-APR-1998. Died in police custody, Kingston Upon Hull, UK

Oluwashijibomi (Shiji) Lapite, 32
16-DEC-1994. Died in police custody, Hackney, London, UK

Joy Gardner, 40
01-AUG-1993. Died after being detained by Immigration Police. Haringey, London, UK

Cynthia Jarrett, 49
5-OCT-1985. Died after police raided her home. Broadwater Farm, London, UK

Cherry Groce, 63
28-SEP-1985. Paralysed at 37, after being shot by a police officer. Brixton, London, UK

David Oluwale, 38
04-MAY-1969. Found dead in River Aire after harassment by Police. Leeds, UK

Kelso Cochrane, 32
7-MAY-1959. Died after being stabbed by a gang of white youths. Notting Hill, London UK

Members of the Guildhall School African-Caribbean Society

Music and Performer Credits:
Performers’ eyes;
Students and Alumni from the Guildhall School African-Caribbean Society.

Music arranged by Nikisha Reyes
Universe Provides Medley
The Prayer Duet
Motherless Child/Head on The Plough
Tried So Many Times

Singers: Lois Graham, Nikisha Reyes, Innocent Masuku, Chuma Sijeca. Marlon Hibbert, Daria Phillips, Jule Mukamajule Michelo, Hannah Franklyn, Abdul Sessay, Shayde Sinclair, Malikah Cobb, Sesley Hope, Danielle Mahailet, Kaidi Akinnibi, Thando Mjandana.”


Want to join the Guildhall African Caribbean Society? Email them here! 

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