Happy Friday, all! Welcome to the first instalment of the Guildhall Students’ Union News!

Well, that was quite the two weeks! Enrolment, inductions sessions, baby Guinness’s, late nights, early mornings, tequila, concert rehearsals, many speeches and a full freshers week, madness! Thank you to every one of you who came to Guildhall Freshers last week; every night we were jam-packed, you literally drank the bar dry towards the end of the week! What was your favourite event? For me, it had to be the first night, to see the basement bar that busy again almost brought a tear to my eye; in my time at Guildhall, we have never hit capacity on an event by 8.30pm, it was crazy! I would like to also add a massive thank you to all the fantastic bands and DJ’s providing absolute bangers all night, every night, to my excellent tech team, who worked tirelessly over the past year to get the basement lights and sound looking like Glastonbury, to the security and bar team who were on shift every night from 7pm to about 2am keeping us safe and hydrated, to Ben our fantastic photographer who’s photos are currently all across our socials (do check them out!), to my amazing SU Team, Josh, Elle, Eleanor, and finally to Darcie Jago, our extraordinary Events VP, who was the driving force behind such a busy and mad freshers week! I hope you enjoyed your freshers week; if you think that was good, wait for what we have in store for you this year!


That’s my bulletin over for this week; please keep testing, get your jabs and have a lovely weekend! 


See you on the next one! 


Harry Plant (He/Him)

Guildhall SU President


Read the full newsletter here: https://guildhallschool.org.uk/1WY2-7JUM2-6A0951D8052F8DC9WPID1UAD66FDD1A9D4E4D8/cr.aspx

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