Dear all students

The news from Ukraine in recent days has been deeply saddening and distressing, and we recognise that the conflict will affect many in our community in different ways. It will be particularly distressing for those with family and friends in the affected regions. 

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, their heritage and cultural identity, and our fellow artists in the region. They are all in our thoughts at this time. In times of global threat, artistic communities have stood together in solidarity to fight for justice against violence and oppression, and we must stand united too.

There are a range of support services for students to which we wanted to draw your attention:

This situation is developing rapidly and there will be fear and anxiety across the community; we can all play our part in being a source of strength and comfort to each other, regardless of background or nationality.

Take care, and with best wishes,

Professor Jonathan Vaughan, Interim Principal

Harry Plant, Student Union President

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