Alexander Technique specialists at UK conservatoires and elsewhere have created a series of free videos to support musicians of all levels as part of the Alexander Technique Music Conference 2021. The resource introduces musicians to ways of finding comfort, balance and freedom in their playing and singing.

The videos can be viewed at: 

All videos have been created by experts in the Alexander Technique, which is recognized as one of the most effective ways to support performance and wellbeing.  A wide range of instruments are covered, including strings, wind, keyboard, guitar and voice, and the aim is to develop further resources over time.

Conference organiser Henry Fagg said, ‘We are delighted to showcase the wonderful variety of Alexander Technique approaches for musicians. There is truly something for everyone here, and insights offered in relation to one instrument are very often useful to those who play something different or who sing, for example.”



Imogen Barford – The finely tuned harpist 

Peter Buckoke – Brilliant and comfortable bass playing

Henry Fagg – Lightness, freedom and spring in violin playing

Catherine Fleming – Space to breathe

Selma Gokcen – Three little words

Jane Gregory – Alexander Technique for electric guitar and bass

Jacob Heringman – Gravity and the renaissance lute

Florence Hill – Classical guitar and the Alexander Technique

Cathie Kidger – Before you play!

Judith Kleinman – Stage Fright: The Ready List 

Pete Robinson – Alexander Technique introduction for pianists and keyboard players

Tim Soar – Hands on Alexander teaching – a musical analogy

Shelagh Sutherland – Harness the power of your back into your fingers on the keyboard

Lindsay Wagstaff – Alexander Technique basics for singers 

Malcolm Williamson – Simple arm routines for musicians 


About the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a 100-year old method for reconnecting with our innate balance, freedom and sensitivity in movement. Alexander Technique teachers have offered their expertise for decades at the top music conservatoires worldwide. 

Although often associated with the performing arts, the Alexander Technique is recommended for anyone who wishes to reduce or eliminate tension and stress in what they do. Its effectiveness in dissolving back and neck pain is well known, and has been backed by rigorous scientific trials.

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