We have a mega November Events Schedule for you in store! We kick off the month with a special edition of the Jazz Jam celebrating Black History Month on 3rd November, so make sure to get down for that! Here is the full schedule! 

And to top it off, these are all free events! Just make sure to get down early on these busy event nights, otherwise, you may have to queue! 


  • prior to 10pm, you are allowed to sign in 2 external guests into the basement, post 10 pm we limit 1 external guest to every Guildhall student. 
  • we have a zero-tolerance on drugs, if you are caught in possession of drugs anywhere in the Basement the Police will be called and the school informed. 
  • we also have a zero-tolerance on bringing alcohol into the basement. We have a license to uphold, therefore if you have alcohol that you are planning to keep please declare this to security and they will store it until you leave. If you do not declare any alcohol at the door or you are caught drinking alcohol that isn’t from the bar whilst in the basement you will be removed and may face a possible ban.

If you have any further event questions please send them to unionevents@stu.gsmd.ac.uk


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