SSLC Departmental Updates
Student Union
Constitutional Review
The SU will be reviewing the constitution in the New Year, this happens every five years, and we are now at the end of the 5-year cycle. Our main areas to look into are; the direction of the SU for the next five years, Executive Committee, Clubs and Societies, and Affiliation to External Organisations. All changes to the constitution will be discussed/ debated at Union Executive Meetings and Student Parliament in the following term.

NUS Membership Review
The SU are also keen to review its membership with the National Union of Students. Over the past few years, this has been a hot topic at the Conservatoires of the United Kingdom Student Network conferences; a lack of support from NUS and increasing membership fees has left some CUKSN conservatoires (RAM and RNCM) to disaffiliate in the last couple of years. The Student Union President will present a case to Student Parliament in term two, and the SU may hold a referendum even as soon as late April/ early March.

Since the last SSLC (05/10), the SU has hosted a range of successful events in the Basement Bar, including multiple Jazz Jams, a second DJ night, GSMD Oktoberfest, Drama/ PA After-party, ALCOPA Halloween, Black History Month Jazz Jam, the 2020&2021 Graduation Party and most recently an Earth Wind and Fire Tribute Night. The SU would like to thank all the bands, tech, and bar teams who have worked so hard to make these events amazing.

It is now full steam ahead until the end of the term, with a GSMD Symphony Afterparty, Karaoke Night, Abba Night, Project Period Charity Event, An Evening of Xmas Jazz and the ever famous Guildhall Christmas Festival! Do check out our event page on our website for more details!

Guildhall Christmas Festival
This year, we are back in person! This means we are back to the wild Christmas festival that makes this last day of term one so famous! Live performances all day from the Silk Street Music Hall, Theatre, Foyer, the Basement, and Lakeside for the first time ever!

It will be a day like no other, an end of term celebration that we all deserve! There will be more details on our socials and website in the coming weeks, so do stay tuned!

Last week, Harry (SU President) attended the Autumn CUKSN Conference (Conservatoires of the United Kingdom Student Network) hosted at Birmingham Conservatoire. CUKSN was established from a desire to engage with, and inform the views and decisions of Conservatoires UK regarding the student voice and sector issues.

Many topics were discussed, including; mental health post-pandemic, student burnout, club safety, injury awareness and NUS Memberships. You can now follow the CUKSN on Instagram and Twitter to keep updated with the group’s progress and work at @cuksnofficial. The next conference will be held in late January/ early February 2022 at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama
  • Sundial court wifi replacement – we are unfortunately still working with the City procurement team to pass the order through and are confident we’ll be able to install the necessary equipment over the Christmas period, ready for the new term.
  • Lapsafe laptop loan system – the system is now ready and a guideline on its usage has been published on Myguildhall. Please contact the IT team on ex 7870, log a call via Myguildhall or visit us in our silk st and Milton court offices if you need assistance.
Student Affairs
  • Lesley Secker is retiring – It is with enormous sadness that we let you know that Lesley is retiring on 16th November, her last day in School. She has worked in Student Affairs since 20th April 1998, with absolute commitment and dedication for 23 years. Her welcoming presence for students (and us!) and her tenacity in ensuring they are prioritised has been outstanding, and we will miss her so very much.
  • International Students’ Group – Facilitated by Alice Bulman – This informal group is an opportunity for international students, especially those who have joined the School this year, to connect with each other and reflect on the experience of moving to London. The group will run weekly from Monday 15 November, 5 – 6.30pm. If you are interested, please contact Alice.
  • Doctoral Students’ Support Group – Facilitated by Dr Daniel Rubinstein – Whether you are trying to come up with a research question, editing the literature review, checking the bibliography for errors, or rehearsing for the viva, doing your doctorate is an experience like no other. Whether you are at the beginning, the middle or the end of your doctoral journey it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to balance the demands of art with the rigours of research while at the same time fulfilling administrative requirements and managing deadlines. Doctoral Students’ Support Group is a group meeting weekly with the simple aim of being a place to talk about what it feels like to do a doctorate. The meetings are held online, on Zoom, every Friday during term time, 3.30 – 5.00 pm. For all inquiries and to join the group, email Daniel.
  • Study Skills Drop-in23 Nov; 7 Dec, 12.30- 2pm, Room 204 (Silk Street) – No appointment needed – drop in to get practical tips on study-related concerns, such as organisation and time management, focus and concentration, or help to just get started on a piece of work. Sessions last 10-15 minutes. Contact Catherine Cranston for more information.
  • Well-being Wednesdays – Every Wednesday during term time, 12 – 2pm, SU Office, Silk Street. The Wellbeing Clinic is run by Hannah Goodwin, Senior Health and Wellbeing Advisor – drop in for information about support services and for guidance and support regarding mental, physical and emotional health.
  • Konica/Papercut. We have had Konica in to review our issue with Papercut. The issue was between the printer firmwear and the Papercut software not interfacing properly. This meant students were being charged without getting the printing access. This has now been resolved. In addition, we are working with IT to have a print refund inbox to streamline the refunding process in the event of issues.
  • Café in Milton CourtThe Café coffee machine has had a persistent breakdown which is now fixed. Going forward, we will be looking at the café and the vending machines. If there are preferred vending offers, please let us know.
  • SecurityThere has been a couple of bike thefts recently with both reported to Police. We have place a link on MyGuildhall on bike safety safe/how-safe-is-your-bike/ in the Facilities section. Tailgating is also an issue in the bike store so please, any users, ensure the door is properly closed after using.
  • Pest Control – As winter is closing in, pests incidents will increase. To support our control of pest, please keep food areas as clean and tidy as possible, particularly at Sundial Court. As a reminder, please report pest sightings on the Facilities Helpdesk https://barbicanguildhallschool.servicenow.
  • General ImprovementsAccess control – on track for a Christmas installation which will mean new hardware installation and commissioning, this includes interface with School software. You will see new readers on all doors giving much needed stability to the system. This may result in the reissuing of new cards but if this is the case we ensure you made aware and given appropriate instruction.
  • CCTV – there is a small project to improve some of the cameras around the estate, including Sundial Court, and a few at Silk Street and Milton Court improving the overall safety for students and staff.
  • Security Guarding – confirmation of an additional guard for Sundial Court overnight providing mental health first aid and support. They will cover 22.00-06.00 Monday to Friday and 21.00-05.30 Saturday and Sunday. Further assistance will be provided by Barbican security.
  • New Staff Member – We have a new staff member starting in the last two weeks. Daniel Fischer is an Operations Manager joining Violet Tarawallie full time in the role working alongside Jose, Jurate and Carlos.
  • Fire Alarm Activations – In the majority of cases, fire alarm activations are usually false alarms. But every alarm must be treated as a possible real fire and everyone must evacuate on the sound of the alarm. In Sundial Court, a recent activation resulted in some residents not evacuating. All students (and staff) must evacuate even if you know the cause (burnt toast!).
Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS).PSDS project is already in the construction Phase even if some survey are still ongoing.
The other project are still to be instructed so they might not happen in the present term.
  • School and Sundial Court – PSDS project, LED replacement for lighting around the school and the accommodation in sundial Court.
  • School– PSDS project, AHU retrofit, work will happen in the plant room but AHU will need to be turned off for a short period of time.
  • School – AHU valves and actuators replacement – work will happen in the plant room but AHU will need to be turned off for a short period of time – date to be decided yet.
  • Sundial Court Domestic Water Tank replacement – date to be decided yet.
Recording & AV
The autumn term has seen a lot of broadcast activity, with performances from all departments being shared publically. The team have facilitated serval projects external to the school buildings including the live stream of Graduation.
Alongside recruitment of our Systems & Network Manager we are pleased to welcome Simon Chorley as our first R&AV Fellow. There are lots of QR posters around the building to allow for quick access to our services.
Mastering services are available in our new facility as is access to higher quality cameras for all students. Before Christmas we look forward to producing lots of great content including Jazz @Electroworks, Opera events, a large chamber music output and much much more! As ever, for any help (it’s what were here to do!) visit or email
Library Christmas Vacation opening plans – Until the end of term, Friday 3rd December, we will be open as usual, 9am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and Saturdays from 9.30am to 4.45pm
From 6th December to 17th December inclusive, we will be open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday only.
From 20th December 2021 to 3rd Jan 2022, the Library will be closed and no staff will be onsite – these are the same arrangements as for all of the Student Experience Directorate. E-mails sent to the Library after 4pm on the 17 th December will not be dealt until after 10am 4 th January at the earliest.
The Library will then be open 10am to 4pm for the week of 4-7 January 2022, and revert to usual term-time hours from 9am on Monday 10th January 2022.
THANK YOU from all of the Library team
We are very grateful to the majority of library users remembering to wear face coverings when in the Library, unless exempt.
If you have forgotten to bring your face covering or lost it, you can request a disposable face covering from the Library issue desk.
Don’t forget that if you are exempt, you can obtain a sunflower lanyard from either Silk Street or Milton Court receptions, which will save you being asked about a face covering when using the Library.
Access & Participation
21/22 activity – Please take a look at our 2021/22 Project Overview, to find out more about the Access and Participation plans for the year. If you have any questions about this, please contact Ashleigh on
Supported Application Scheme
  • We have recently launched a promotional video, which outlines the benefits of taking part in the Scheme, and features staff, alumni and current students. It is featured on our webpage Thank you to all students who were involved in the making of this video.
  • Applications to the Scheme for Acting and Production Arts are open until 3rd January. If you know anyone applying to the School, please encourage them to look into eligibility.
  • There are 24 BMus applicants on the Scheme. They have all had the opportunity to chat to staff in the academic department about the audition process, and were invited to a session on preparing their body for auditions with Dru Redman. 3 applicants have received Travel Bursaries to ensure they can afford to travel to their on-site audition.
  • Originate – Auditions took place for Originate in October, and 18 young actors in London were made an offer to join the project, with the first session taking place at Theatre Peckham on 5th November.
  • Evaluation – The full 2020/21 evaluation report is being finalised, and was not ready to be shared by the SSLC reports deadline. However, a snapshot of some progress is below. We are presenting on the impact of Access and Participation in 2020/21 in academic department meetings, to raise the profile of the projects and the success of the year.

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