zMeet the team

Meet the team


Welcome to Guildhall!

We’re your Students’ Union. It’s our job to make sure your time at the Guildhall is the best it can be so that you can get on with all the other bits of student life. Once enrolled, you are automatically a member of the Union.

Our team comprises one full-time President and five part-time Officers (Events & Societies, Diversity, Marketing and Communications, Finance, and Academic Affairs). We work closely with the school, but we are an independent body, meaning that we are here to represent you, the student body.

When we’re not organising amazing social events or running exciting outreach projects, we are often sitting on a wide range of committees, working groups and board meetings representing you, making sure that Guildhall is making decisions with the students’ best interests at heart and making sure your voice is heard!

The SU is also here as a place of help and advice on all aspects of college life and student life in general. So whether you are looking for guidance on a college assignment or you need advice on what Shoreditch Bar you should visit this Friday night, our office (and inbox) is always open for a chat. You can also email us to make an appointment if you have a more sensitive issue that you would rather discuss one-on-one. Whatever the issue, we’re here to help!



Darcie Jago

The President is the only full-time member of the committee. It is their responsibility to ensure that the union is fully functional in its many roles throughout the school, such as: representing the student body in a range of board meetings alongside the student reps, organising events, promoting clubs and societies, raising awareness of student welfare issues and supporting the work of the other Executive Officers.

Originally from Lincolnshire, Darcie has just graduated from an undergraduate degree in classical trumpet, having grown up playing cornet in Brass Bands. After joining JRNCM she moved onto trumpet and enjoys combining music with outreach work.


Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh

The Diversity Officer has a key role in supporting under-represented groups, and celebrating diversity throughout the student community.

Nazli has spent much of her life in the city of Edinburgh (Scotland), but was born in Tabriz (Iran) and loves to travel. Alongside her studies, Nazli also teaches on the Masters in Opera Making and Writing, of which she is an alumnus. She has directed for multiple national companies across the UK, and has been recognised internationally for leadership in multiple disciplines.


Lucas Houldcroft

This is a new role this year, with the main responsibilities being to help the President manage the SU social media accounts,  and ensure there are clear and effective communications between students and the SU

Having completed his undergraduate degree at Guildhall, Lucas is now a first-year postgraduate trumpet student on the Orchestral Artistry course. Like all Brummies, Lucas is a balti-enjoyer and knows Tommy Shelby, and in his spare time likes cooking and playing gamelan.


Violetta Suvini

The role of the Academic Affairs Officer is to gather feedback from students, and work alongside the President to ensure there is as much communication, clarity and support around academic affairs as possible.

Violetta is a second year Postgraduate student here at the Guildhall, studying violin on the Orchestral Artistry course. Before coming to Guildhall, Violetta studied Modern Languages at Oxford University, and outside of Guildhall, likes to read anything from Dante to Berger to Beckett.


Justin Anderson

The Events Officer is responsible for the organisation and smooth running of all events hosted by the Union. They are also responsible for general Union communication with, and administration of, clubs and societies, including offering guidance and support to anyone wishing to host an event in collaboration with the SU, or form a new society.

Born in the Dorset countryside, Justin’s passion for events comes from a love of concerts, festivals, and drama.

He wants to put a unique spin on the role, and is excited by the wide range of skills the team brings to the table, giving perspectives from every department.


Jeremy Mitchell

The role of the Finance Officer is to manage the Union budget and monitor the Student Union expenditure. This all gets reported back to the Student Parliament, to help the SU run smoothly.

Originally from Brooklyn New York, Jeremy is following his passion of acting after making a drastic career change, having worked in Banking for approximately 10 years. His knees may pop when he stands, his hearing and memory are also on decline, and he may fall asleep in a middle of a conversation but rest assured he is still a “spring chicken”.


Download Our Constitution PDF below.